• Kaitlin S

And though she be but little, she is fierce-Shakespeare

^^^ Favorite quote

Anyone else think this Tuesday has lasted 400 years? It's dragged on and on.

Tonight I made homemade chicken broth (call me Kaitlin Crocker) and discovered that Degrassi is on Amazon Prime.

Remember that show from middle school? It was so scandalous.

Ex: Season 1- Ashley decides to become a "rule breaker" by having more than one friend over while her parents are away and then doubles down and takes some E as a follow up.

Or, how about when Teri doesn't want to go to the first Degrassi dance, Paige and Ashley spend a good 17 minutes of the episode convincing her to change her mind, then she throws on a crop top and gets wasted before showing up? AND THIS IS ONLY SEASON 1, PEOPLE!

Ah, the memories. And the best part of Degrassi- young Drake!

Exhibit A of the chicken broth (pup approved):

Goodnight and LGB!



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