• Kaitlin S

DAY 13: Will you succeed? Yes you will indeed! 98 3/4 % Guaranteed

^^^ some motivation from Dr. Suess if you need it

Almost to the 2 week mark and I think I've gotten over my funk!

Woke up extremely tired, you might think it's because I was up too late watching hockey but that would be WRONG. In case you're wondering, I made it about 3 minutes into the first period last night. But I did wake up to a nice surprise! 4-1 BLUES.

I woke up exhausted since Jasper (3 yr old chiweenie) started whining at 4:23 AM on the dot. I pulled on the first warm clothes I could find and tried not to tumble down the stairs while still 55% asleep.

And wouldn't you know, Jasper pulled some tom foolery and only wanted to get a sip of water before trotting back upstairs to bed. #spoiled

After making it through the day in a near blind stupor, I figured I would spend the evening on the couch watching Bridgerton (I'm hooked!), but I forced myself to leave the house and did a little bit of shopping which perked me right up.

I've found the secret to success! Shopping cures all!




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