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DAY 21-22: Oh I'm the weird one? You're the one calling Barry Mannilow from a phone booth at 2:00 AM

^^^ Can't Hardly Wait

Sup guys!

I took a mini break to get some R&R over the weekend. And also part of me was ashamed to post since I did imbibe on a cocktail or two... I did however successfully make it through the week without a happy hour and it went pretty well!

On to other news. It was a pretty fun weekend: played some cards with some family, watched the Scoob! movie, went treasure hunting at a thrift store, and had deep dish pizza. What more could you want!

As for as the milkshakes since I know you all are wondering... The milkshakes DID happen indeed and they were DELICIOUS. Recipe coming soon!

Below are the treasures I found for only $30! BARGAIN

This cute little mirrored thing that was sparkly so of course I needed it.

This is a candle holder, but I'm going to use it for a plant. Probably outside.

This greenish blueish colored bowl for knick knacks. Why is it full of glass you wonder?

Oh only because it DID come with a lid, which I promptly broke 4 hours later. Hmm. I'll find something to do with the pieces.

And finally: this adorable table that I plan to paint, sand, shine, clean, polish and transform. You'll see.

Nighty night!



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