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Day 5: k's grocery games

Howdy! Tonight I'm working the "night shift"...meaning I work 11-8 PM. Some hate it but I enjoy the peace & quiet.

I went to the grocery store before work to shop and mingle with the stay-at-home moms. For some reason I had an out of body experience and found myself wandering the wine section (...and bourbon for Dan). I was reaching for a chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio when a voice startled me out of my trance:

"Can I help you find anything, hon?"

"No ma'am, no thank you" -me, muttering while scurrying away to the baked goods. Ha! Take that, you 'buy one Pinot, get one' devil you.

I allowed myself to indulge in the non-alcoholic beverage aisle. I scrutinized the La Croix like a seasoned connoisseur. I snatched up two liters left and right. At one point, I found myself saying quietly, "this san pellegrino would go nicely with some chicken".

Thanks to the notorious RBG on my desk getting me through that meeting!

Cheers to 25 more days!



Cover Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


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