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day 9: 865-409-1021

^^^ Morgan Wallen dropped a new album.

I'm going to get a little deep in this post (I can't be witty 24/7).

I have a bible study group on Sundays and today we were discussing how 2020 as a whole has impacted us, and what we think God might be trying to say to us with what we have experienced over the past year.

I've been thinking about this throughout the day, and the biggest message I've seen from 2020 is:

slow down. It seems like pre-quarantine, I was working all the time. I would be at work all day, school work at night, and a packed social calendar on top.

Although 2020 really sucked in a lot of ways, it did show me where my priorities should lie. It showed me that I need to take time to be present, take time to do things that make me happy, and take time to spend with people I love.

For those on this journey with me: you're doing great!

^^^ The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, by Charlie Mackesy


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