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First up. Dry January

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

"And I'm addicted to champagne..." -Wiz Khalifa (the thrill)

I started this on January 2, 2021.

Yes, I know. Technically not January 1st... but I desperately needed a bloody Mary on New Years Day. So I'm doing January 2-31, a full 30 days of no alcohol. Usually I'm on a 24/7 champagne diet, chillin while I'm sippin I encourage you to try it.... thank you Drake. But seriously, quarantine has gotten the best of me and I have found drinking to become a usual habit, so time for a reset.


DAY 1:

Easy peasy. Since I had two pours of bourbon last night, I really wasn't in the mood to drink. Plus, I saw the movie Promising Young Woman, which didn't make alcohol seem that appetizing either. A former medical student becomes a nighttime club-going vigilante and pretends to be so drunk that creeps try to take advantage of her back at their apartments.. ***SPOILER ALERT*** she's actually sober as a horse and calls them out! Thankfully I'm married and don't go clubbing alone anymore (or clubbing at all, actually) but this just left a sour taste in my mouth about drinking in general.


DAY 2:

Still fairly easy... read several articles on the benefits of dry January and how it can help you lose weight, get better sleep, get better skin, etc,.

Organized my bathroom closet and started watching Schitt's Creek so I barely thought of wine today!


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