• Kaitlin S

DAY 8: Put the lime in the coconut

As promised! Below you'll find the recipe for a drink so delicious it tastes like it's illegal. Just kidding.

I'm still trying to think of a catchy title. I think "the sassy Stopka" has a nice ring to it.

"Hey, what are you drinking?"

"oh, just a sassy Stopka on the rocks"

STEP 1: Get a nice glass and fill it with some ice cubes. I like ice molds. Tonight I'm using a rose.

STEP 2: Add some ginger beer (which does not contain alcohol!), until the glass is about half full.

STEP 3: Add some La Croix. Any flavor will do; I used Limoncello.

STEP 4: Squeeze in some lemon and some lime.

STEP 5: I had some rosemary so I was feeling festive and added some on top as garnish.

STEP 6: Give it a stir and drink up!


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